Déan Teagmháil Linn

If you are a school, a community group, a tourism-related business, or an interested individual based in one of these coastal upland areas – or if you would just like to learn more about the CUPHAT project – please get in touch with us:

Rhys Jones (Project Lead) Aberystwyth University – raj@aber.ac.uk [ph +44 (0) 1970 622594]

Arlene Crampsie (Co-lead) University College Dublin – arlene.crampsie@ucd.ie [ph+353 1 716 8343]

Christine Bonnin (Co-lead) University College Dublin – christine.bonnin@ucd.ie [ph +353 1 716 8417]

Ken Murphy (Co-lead) Dyfed Archaeological Trust – K.Murphy@DYFEDARCHAEOLOGY.ORG.UK [ph+44 (0)1558 825991]

Sarah Clarke (Project Manager) Aberystwyth University – sjc@aber.ac.uk

Cara Rainbow (Project Manager) Aberystwyth University – car62@aber.ac.uk